Eventide marks the transition between day and night, a time that calls for refreshment and rejuvenation. Eventide Oyster Co. offers a variety of restoratives—we welcome you to join us at any time of day for satisfying food, spirits and good cheer.

A revival of the great American oyster bar, Eventide Oyster Co. offers pristine shellfish and a fresh take on classic New England fare—such proximity to the Gulf of Maine provides the sharpest seafood money can buy. A wine list chosen to complement shellfish, craft cocktails, and a warm sense of hospitality bring laid-back extravagance to Portland’s Old Port.

Sunken into the concrete bar sits an enormous block of Maine granite that serves as the shellfish display, home to an ever-changing array of oysters and shellfish. The restaurant’s bright colors, picnic table seating and reclaimed nautical lighting encourage a playful experience.




Owner & Chef
Andrew Taylor is bearded, has three cubs and lives with his wife just outside of Portland. He worked briefly as Rosie O’Donnell’s stunt double.


Owner & General Manager
Arlin Smith has a beard, a daughter, and a hiatal hernia. He crushes wings every chance he gets.


Owner & Chef
Mike Wiley was born in Portland, Maine and educated at Colby College where he majored in pomposity. Magna Cum Laude. He believes this is the way life should be.



Sous Chef
After squandering a promising badminton career and burning out on x-ray technology, Graeme or Graham (depending on which form of ID you look at) settled into a culinary career. Graeme has been with the company since the summer of 2013 — and has been overly excited about virtually everything since.


Bar Manager
Despite hailing from the wrong side of the Androscoggin and achieving a Blutarsky-esque college GPA, John excels at making fine cocktails, growing a lustrous mustache and generally being an exceptional bartender.


General Manager
A smug Vermonter, Kira "The Dragon" Butera immigrated to Maine in 2010. As General Manager, she relishes every opportunity to discipline and reprimand her colleagues. Her rage is terrible to behold, quelled only by calming visits to her private shrine to Patrick Dempsey, located in the underground catacombs of Eventide Oyster Co.



We are always interested in connecting with potential employees. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a genuine sense of hospitality, eagerness to learn, and a strong work ethic. Bring a resume and cover letter to 86 Middle Street or inquire at info@eventideoysterco.com