Eventide Lobster Bake

New England Lobster Bake

A family style FEAST

Dig in & get your hands dirty with this quintessential New England experience. Served family style at one of our communal tables, our lobster bake features: Eventide Green Salad, Whole Maine Lobster, Steamer Clams, Mussels, Potatoes, Salt Pork, Knackwurst, Steamed Buns, a Selection of Traditional and Non-Traditional Accompaniments and an Array of Housemade Desserts.

NOTE: Requires 72 hours advance booking. Only available for 6 0r more people. Not available on Saturday’s or holiday weekends.



Eventide marks the transition between day and night, a time that calls for refreshment and rejuvenation. Eventide Oyster Co. offers a variety of restoratives—we welcome you to join us at any time of day for satisfying food, spirits and good cheer.

A revival of the great American oyster bar, Eventide Oyster Co. offers pristine shellfish and a fresh take on classic New England fare—such proximity to the Gulf of Maine provides the sharpest seafood money can buy. A wine list chosen to complement shellfish, craft cocktails, and a warm sense of hospitality bring laid-back extravagance to Portland’s Old Port.

Sunken into the concrete bar sits an enormous block of Maine granite that serves as the shellfish display, home to an ever-changing array of oysters and shellfish. The restaurant’s bright colors, picnic table seating and reclaimed nautical lighting encourage a playful experience.


Reservations are accepted for parties of 6 or more. Please call us at 207.774.8538 to make one now!

Unfortunately we are unable to take reservations on the following dates, seating is first come first serve during these times:

  • Memorial Day Weekend

  • Various Weekends in July

  • Labor Day Weekend

  • Columbus Day Weekend

Private Events

We can accommodate Large Groups · Private Parties · Special Events




Owner & Chef
Andrew Taylor is bearded, has four cubs and lives with his wife just outside of Portland. He worked briefly as Rosie O’Donnell’s stunt double.


Owner & General Manager
Arlin Smith has a beard, a daughter, and a hiatal hernia. He crushes wings every chance he gets.


Owner & Chef
Mike Wiley was born in Portland, Maine and educated at Colby College where he majored in pomposity. Magna Cum Laude. He believes this is the way life should be.


Ryan Smith

Bar Manager

Hailing from scenic Buffalo, NY, Ryan’s lilting accent is beloved by all our Eventide regulars. As our Bar Manager, she is known for her professionalism, an abiding love for fried baloney sandwiches, and a bar presence evocative of Billy Idol himself.


Director of Operations

A smug Vermonter, Kira "The Dragon" Butera immigrated to Maine in 2010. As Director of Operations, she relishes every opportunity to discipline and reprimand her colleagues. Her rage is terrible to behold, quelled only by calming visits to her private shrine to Patrick Dempsey, located in the underground catacombs of Eventide Oyster Co.

Zoe Lawrence

Assistant Manager

With four years of Eventide service and 500+ clambakes to her name, Zoe (please!) Lawrence has seen it all—good and bad. Most days she can be found on floor ensuring that service is running smoothly or upstairs, correcting cash-outs and listening to the most blood-curdling, stomach-churning real-crime podcasts that you could ever imagine. In her free time, she needlepoints R-rated keepsakes, fawns over her housecat, and imagines being the only hope for a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


Andy Walter

Assistant Manager

As a newly minted manager and father, Andrew Walter sets the bar for height and large hats among Eventide’s front of the house team. Before returning to New England, Andy noodled around on Phish tour and helped organize the inaugural Adopt-a-Wook event, which demands the question: what do we owe those who make our goo balls? With philanthropy behind him, Andy is thrilled to be back in the dining room, chatting up guests, running food, and retrieving things from the highest shelves without even needing the grabby tool.

Brendan Murray

Sous Chef

A transplant from The Honey Paw, and a Duckfat veteran, Brendan knows what it means to fight his way out of the weeds. He also knows what it means to pour hour upon hour of this, his only lifetime, into whittling, painting, and decorating insulation for Dungeons & Dragons set pieces. If you have any questions about the best way to prepare 22 quarts of mayonnaise or how to teach your bard to cast a new spell, c’mon down to 86 Middle Street, and ask for Brendan.

Sara Devereux

Executive Sous Chef

We count ourselves very lucky indeed to have Sara Devereux in the kitchen! In a truly selfless gesture, she left the paradise on Earth that is the Florida panhandle to join us here in Maine. Whenever she gets homesick, our bartenders whip up a Bushwhacker (Kahlua soft-serve with a 151 floater) and after that second sip and a nip of gator jerky, it’s like she’s back on the Redneck Riviera. Also, she’s got a dog named Ernie.




We are always interested in connecting with potential employees. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a genuine sense of hospitality, eagerness to learn, and a strong work ethic. Bring a resume and cover letter to 86 Middle Street or inquire at info@eventideoysterco.com